Spring Break 2006 - The Southern Arizona Tour - Camping in Patagonia Lake State Park & Tombstone

April 1 - 7

The boys flew out. This was their first time flying by themselves. They loved it. The first thing we did was take a day and drove up to Canyon Lake in the Superstitions and Tortilla Flat


We then packed our tent and sleeping bags into the Burbn and drove to Patagonia State Park and camped. This park is only 12 miles from Nogales and the Mexican border.


We tried fishing in Lake Patagonia but didn't do so good. We didn't even get a bite :(


We visited Tombstone and Boot Hill Cemetery


We tried to go to Karchner Caverns and actually drove 1.5 hours to the park but the tickets were already sold out for the day by the time we arrived at 10am. We will try again another time and be sure to get tickets beforehand.

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