Intro Screen

Account Maintenance Controls

New Transactions

Single acct (no split)

Single acct (no split) (new)

Single act 2 way split

Single act 3 way split

Act-to-Act xfer

Single acct with fuel

Add auto fuel entry

Add a journal entry

Get latest journal entries

To Do List

Show To Do List

Show To Do List (new)

Add a To Do Item

View Accounts

View master trans

View all trans

Accounts Registers

Summary of Accounts

Summary of Accounts (new)

Account Management

Add a new account

Delete an account

Select Account to Edit

Add a new category

Edit a category name

Delete a category

Delete a master trans

Delete a trans detail

Edit a transaction

Asset Tracking

Add a new asset

Show assets List (new)

Filesystem Utilities

View list of files in images

View list of files in archive directory

Display phpinfo for the server

Download file 1

Download file 2

Upload a file

Upload multiple files

Upload both thumb and orig image files

Create thumbnails

Ullman Image Script


Session 01


register a new user & password

New register script

New login script

Image Database

View image database info

View Gallery

Add photo data to database

Old Scripts

Add a To Do Task

View To Do Tasks

New View To Do Tasks

Better To Do List

Old Scripts