>This is my personal web page. It is probably out of date.


Who am I?

I am an engineer with Intel Corporation and a father of three boys (Kyle, Tyler, Wylie) and step-father to four more (Rockzan, Skyler, Stephanie, Justin). I'm also a husband to Kristie. Kristie and I also have a Miniature Schnauzer (Izzie), a cat (Mya), a rabbit that loves digging up my backyard, and two aquariums full of fish and a crawdad.

I am graduate of Purdue University and an Army veteran.

I enjoy working on my cars, computers, traveling and spending time with my family. Some of my favorite memories are hanging out on the beach in Florida or California relaxing while the kids play in the waves.

This is the portal to my web page. From here I plan to (try to) keep up with my internet publishing. My only intent is to track things like my vacations, work on my vehicles, computer stuff, etc.


Other Stuff

Last updated Dec 28, 2008

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